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Monday, January 25, 2010

V Day

Okay so if you have read my blog for w hile you probably figured out I am a girly girl. I love anything with hearts and flowers and pink...I know puke. But it's true! So I am a huge fan of Valentines Day! The cheap chick side of me however is not a huge fan of florists. When my husband and I were first dating he sent me a HUGE bouqet of roses. They were beautiful and I loved them, and then he told me they were $75!!!!! If you know me...that is 3 weekd worth of groceries! hahhaha Ever since I useually recieve a beautiful bouqet straight from the grocery store for a fraction of the price. However there is always a slight twinge of jealousy on Valentines day when everyone around the office gets there big bouqets...insecurities come out and I feel upset...even though it is my choice. Well here is a great deal to get your special someone...or share with your special someone :) 1-800-flowers.com has the 50-Bloom Spray Roses Bouquet (vase not included) for $24.99 which is sooo beautiful! Use coupon code "SAVINGS15" and the price goes down to $21.24. With free shipping!!! It includes at least 10 stems of spray roses, which feature multiple blooms on each stem. It is still a weeks worth of groceries in my house but such a deal!

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