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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas came Early...

Okay I got home to fake Christmas today. It was amazing how many boxes and freebies I received.

First off, after a lonnng wait my hubs and I just got Iphones! Sooooo excited. Well I ordered two cases for super cheap from Amazon with my free Amazon Prime shipping...so 2 days later for free there they were on my doorstep.

Next, remember the big Tulle sale? Well I recieved a HUGE box from Tulle containing 4 dresses, a jacket and 2 shirts...all for $30 with shipping!

Then from all of my free Magazine posts I received a free Cosmopolitian and Shape and a super cheap RedBook

Next, I finally recieved my Frizz Ease hair sample

And best of all a super sweet Thank You card from my Brother and sister in law and she had sent me 3 $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupons!!!!

Merry Tuesday everyone! Sometimes all of these deals pay off!

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