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Monday, January 18, 2010

Do you have the time?

Wow between 6 lbs of pen's and now this you will be one helpful person! ArtsCow has a Free ArtsCow Photo Watch with FREE shipping! You will have to refer 3 Facebook friends to ArtsCow and they will have to become fans of ArtsCow....so have your friends ready!
Just follow these directions:
Login to your Facebook account, become a fan of ArtsCow on Facebook, and then go here.
Scroll down and select at least 3 friends from your Facebook page that you would like to invite to join ArtsCow.
Click on the blue “Send Free Personalized Watch Invitation” button and then confirm by clicking on the blue “Send” button.
Return to the coupons page and wait for at least 3 of your friends to become fans of ArtsCow. The coupon code will not be displayed until 3 friends of yours have become fans. Once they’ve become fans, you’ll be able to see the unique user-specific Coupon Checkout Code. You should see this unique code displayed in a pink/red box.
Finally, create your photo Watch here and use the Coupon Checkout Code to snag the Watch for FREE + FREE shipping!

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