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Thursday, September 17, 2009

$6 for $200 in Groceries...

Okay..so I went to Triples...

First off, there are two things you need to know about my total:

1. I had a $20 credit from a perscription refill which I posted about here
2. I got a $3 off your next purchase coupon from buying more then 5 Green Giant Veggies..so I am subtracting that from the total.

Ok now that we are clear you may say...you spend $29! But whatev...I am taking my credits above! :)

Funny story: I always do triples/super doubles shops with my verry patient husband. We have two seperate VIC cards so we can do two seperate purchases (you can only use 20 coupons that will be tripled per purchase per day per Vic card). So..I got his cart all full and gave him an envelope stuffed with coupons and sent him on his way. Well he had filled a perscription a few weeks back and put the $20 credit on his VIC card...His purchase should have been $16 but instead he walked over with $4 they had given him!!! I was amazed!

Here is the breakdown of what I got and what coupons I used:

2 12pk Diet Pepsi..on sale for $2.75 each, had $.25 (triples to 75 cents)coupon, used 2 so $2 each Print your coupons

8 Sobe's $1 each, then used 4 buy one get one free coupons I had printed out and four 25 (triples to 75 cents) cents coupons from Print your coupons ...I had to do 2 seperate shops for this one..you can only use two of the same internet coupons per purchase. ALSO my husbands cashier took the buy one get one free coupons...but mine did not...so be careful ..should have been $1 for all 8 but was actually $3 since I couldn't use my freebies

2 Chex Mix on sale for 3.32, used nwspr coupon for .55(tripled to 1.65) off two...$1.67

3 warm delights $5 used three (one from nwspr 2 from internet) 50 cents off coupons(tripled to $1.50)...50 cents for all 3 print coupon

2 Pills Toaster Strudels: $2 each=$4 then use 1 of this coupon:55 cents off (triples to $1.65)of 2 http://print.coupons.com/Couponweb/Offers.aspx?pid=12926&zid=ta33&nid=10 for both

1 Fiber One pastry: $2..I have a nwspr coupon for 75 cents off(triples to $2.25)=FREE

1 Viva Roll..$2.45 used 40 cents off coupon (tripled to $1.20)=$1.25(Still pricey but I love them)

3 Special K bars..$2.50 each used three 75 cent off coupons (tripled to $2.25) printed offline a while back..75 cents for all three

Old El Paso taco seasoning..69 cents (no coupons!)

2 Healthy Choice soups..$2.10, had coupon for $.40 off 2 from nwspr(tripled to 1.20)..80 cents for both

6 Green Giant Veggies ALL IN BOXES QUALIFY $1 each=$6 then use two of this coupon: 50 cents off two(triples to $1.50) http://www.bettycrocker.com/coupons-promotions/coupons/coupons.aspx = also had two 50 cents off each from nwspr...FREE and when you buy more then 5 boxes you get a $3 off next purchase at HT

1 Yo Crunch..$3.19, had 50 cent off coupon from nwspr(tripled 1.50)...$1.69...

1 Grande Tortilla Chips..$2.50..had 75 cents off coupon from nwspr(tripled 2.25)..25 cents

Texas Toast croutons..$2 had .50 cent off coupon from nwspr (tripled $1.50)...50 cents

2 Martha White muffin mix...1.55, had .55 cents off two coupon from nwspr (tripled to 1.65)..free

2 Crisco Olive Oil 5.99, used 2 75 cent coupon from nwspr(tripled $2.25)=6.50

2 Yoplait Delights: $2 each=$4 then use 2 of this coupon: $1 of one yoplait delight http://print.coupons.com/Couponweb/Offers.aspx?pid=12926&zid=ta33&nid=10 for 2

2 Barilla products 3.85 for both..two 75 cent coupons from nwspr (tripled to 2.25 )...free

2 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix: $2 each=$4 then use 2 of this coupon: 50 cents off (triples to $1.50)one Betty Crocker Fiber One Muffin Mix, Any Box (A CouponGirls Sponsor - Coupons.com)=$1 for both

2 Betty Crocker cake mix:$1 each=$2 then use one of this coupon: 50 cents (triples to $1.50)off two Betty Crocker Cake Mix And Betty Crocker Frosting, Any *Both* (A CouponGirls Sponsor - Coupons.com)=50 cents for both

1 Cheerios: $3 then use this coupon for .75 off (triples to $2.25) of one Coupons=75 cents

1 Betty Crocker Frosting: $1.50 then use this coupon for .50 cents off one(triples to $1.50) Betty Crocker Frosting, Any Tub (A CouponGirls Sponsor - SmartSource.com)=FREE

2 Dial soap..$2 each..had 55 cents coupon (1.65 tripled)..70 cents for both

1 trays of sushi..no coupon...5.25.......

TOTAL 34.15...minus $20 perscription, minus 5 betty crocker deal,, minus $3 coupon i got back...$6.15!!!!

VIC savings: 60.99 Coupon Savings:122.52

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