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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Groceries!!

Ok, this is an EXTREMELY local post. I live in Wake Forest, NC and we just got a new Harris Teeter (Off of Capital over by Wakefield Plaza). Well, I had my prescriptions transferred there and received $20 in free groceries ($20 put on your VIC card...so when you scan it, it comes off of your total). I received the $20 for each prescription. I was pretty impressed...but I have seen deals like this at Target and Walgreens before. However, tonight I went by to pick up a refill of my monthly prescription and received another $20! The pharmacist told me that until the end of Sept for every transferred or refilled prescription you pick up at their store...you get $20 added to your VIC card!!! So if you are nearby this may be worth a drive. They had all of our medications stocked as well as Generics and the prices were the same as Target...

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