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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Alright...sometimes someone does something so genius that you have no choice but to just bow your head and pass it on. A Thrifty Mom
posted on her blog a list of websites you can go to and just fill out the contact us form giving positive feedback about the product and they will mail you coupons and even some free samples!!!! Now the list of links below is loooong so pick your favs (I have added a seperate link for 171 more). But still! Freebies!!!! And these sites will definitly send them out! And on top of that you will have coupons others don't have come triple coupon time (which means you won't have to arm wrestle to grab the last box of cheerios on the shelf ) Let me know if you get anything good!!!

John Morrell
Fresh Express
Alberto Culver
Bush’s Beans
Frito Lay
International Delight
C&H Sugar/Domino Sugar
Pepperidge Farm/Campbells
Arm & Hammer/Church & Dwight
Pinnacle Foods
Continental Mills

Click here for 171 more product sits that WILL send you samples and/or coupons!!

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