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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cheap Chick out on the Town

Okay..there is a great secret that many of you are unaware of. There is a site called Restaurant.com where you can get $25 gift cards to resturants for $8...seriously. Restruant.com ia a site that partnered with tons of Restaurants to offer crazy discounts when you dine out. What you do is go to the site, sign up, and then type in your zip code to search through the participating restaurants in your area.You then, choose one you like and purchase a certificate to get a HUGE discount! Before the certificate can be used, you do have to purchase a minimum amount at the restaurant. This amount varies depending upon the certificate amount you purchase. And those details are provided before you purchase the gift card. (We went to a resturant in Savannah where you had to spend $35 and purchase two entrees...so $15 entree +$15 entree +$5 dessert=$35 - $25 giftcard....$10 and I paid $3 for the giftcard so $13!
Also, Once you choose the restaurant certificate you can actually print it right away, so if you wanted to use it today you could! Also these certificates last a year! I always make sure I tell my wait staff that I have the coupon before I even order.

Ok...it gets better..right now through August 31st you can get 80% off your gift certificates with coupon code TASTE. This brings a $25 certificate down to $2!!!! Yummm!

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