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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mmmmm fall

Now that it is fall I am craving anything pumpkin... I know this is not exactly a savings post. BUT one of the best ways to save money is to eat In and cook...and sometimes it can be so much more fun. I found this recipe for creamy pumpkin pasta.

With ingredients like pasta and chicken broth there are coupons here ! And I know I have a few spice coupons from the paper. So all in all this could be a VERY cheap chick meal!!!

**Also a GREAT coupon if you would like to serve with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: IE or Firefox.

My other obsession is Pumpkin Lattes. Now here is a secret, I CAN NOT go to Starbucks.with out feeling awful all day! It is ridiculous, I know...but $4 on a drink!!! I spend $6 on $200 worth of groceries!!! AND if my drink is not PERFECT, I feel even worse! Well my amazing hubby got me an espresso machine for my bday last year so I tried my hand at this recipe last weekend and it was DELISH! And you don't even need an espresso machine! I used soy milk and no whip cream...so it would prob be even better with!!!
Let me know if you have any great fall favorites!!

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