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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turkey Day Update

Here is an update! I have spent a total of....(drum roll) $11! The list has grown...so maybe $20 is a better guess :)

I am so excited about Thanksgiving! It is one of my favorites! This year we are staying close to home since my work is insane and my husband is quite possibly the busiest person on the planet. But thank goodness my mother lives about a mile down the road so we are headed her way for the feast! Well, the other night I was organizing my coupons (I have such the wild social life, no?) and I had an amazing idea! I will try and buy all of my mothers thanksgiving list for under $10! Now, after viewing the list (below) I have changed it to $15...but I think I can do it. And I will document along the way! So far I have three things for under $1!

Her list:(she already has some ingredients...including the turkey)

Italian bread for stuffing-mini loaves at Target .99 cents Use the $1/1 Bakery item Target coupon...free (bought 5)
1 can cream of mushroom soup...Campbell's brand...66 cents Target
1 large can green beans...Del Monte brand large can $1.32, had a $1 coupon from paper
Fried Onions
Pie Crusts..2/$5 at Harris Teeter, had a .50 cents coupon during triple: $1
Apples: 4lbs granny smith=$4 Target, $1 off 2 lbs or more Target coupon (exp 11/17): $2
2 bags cranberries Free cranberries from Earth Fare! And a bag from Target 1.99
Sweet potatoes (6)
Bag of white potatoes $1.99 Target
raspberry vinegar
feta cheese
3 cream cheese $1.19 at Target use $1/3 coupon from 11/15 paper=2.60
town crackers
onions $1 Target

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