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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My kinda Black Friday!

Okay so I have said before, not a fan of waking up early and dealing with the crowds of Black Friday (if you are, you are my hero...I wish I could be so disciplined). BUT my amazing sister found an AMAZING online deal!

There is a new Bath & Body Works coupon, get a free item ($13 or less) with any $10 purchase. It is good through 12/24.
On Black Friday 11/27 you can get a 2009 VIP Tote Bag with $100 in products - $15 with any $40 purchase..picture above.
PLUS Buy 3, Get 3 Free Signature Collection Products

3 Wick 14.5 oz. Candles 2 for $20
Wallflowers Starters and refills $5 ea
(see details on these deals here)

So...here is the plan...buy 3 signature items (maybe shampoo for $7.50) and get 3 free...$22.50

THEN but 2 candles for $20=$42.50. Then add the VIP Tote bag for 57.50...then use the $10 coupon.....$47.50! For ALL THAT! That is enough for at the very least 4 nice gift baskets!

If you plan to shop online for these deals, Friday all shipping will be $1. Use code 1419 to get $10 off any $40 purchase.

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