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Friday, October 9, 2009


If you drink Pepsi, or ANY Pepsi products you are about to be a happy camper. Harris Teeter has Pepsi products on sale this week, 2 liters are 10/$10 and 12 packs are 4/$11. GREAT deal...but you can use this coupon for 25 cents off, which will double to 50 cents and get a 2 liter for 50 cents...or a 12 pack for $2.25! You do not need to buy 10 two liters or 4 12 packs to get the deal, the sale price reflects on each one. You can print coupon twice...per computer, and use up to three in a single transaction. I had printed two and then got on a friends computer and printed two more then had my husband print two (we love some Pepsi Max). Then my husband and I each out three 12 packs and used three coupons each...$7! And it is all pepsi products (list on coupon) including Sierra Mist etc.

Also there is a Sobe coupon and you can use to get Sobe's for 50 cents at Harris Teeter this week!

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