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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clean the Car!

Wow! Selloutwoot.com has the Mr. Clean Autodry Car wash system for only $1.99 TODAY ONLY!

Spot-Free clean and shine with no need to hand dry
Motor Trend Approved
Spot-free results guaranteed
Dry Rinse Polymer sheets water off your car for fast drying and leaves no residue behind
Pur water filter Removes water impurities which cause spots, even in hard water
Helps protect the clearcoat by cleaning dirt and water spots, leaving a shine on the surface
Ergonomic design to deliver Mr.Clean AutoDry results
Cleans without re-using dirty water
Thumb-Activated On-Off Switch
Power grip handle textured to prevent slippage
All grip selector knob designed for use with wet/soapy hands
Leak-Resistant Hose Hook-up
Durable ABS plastic housing
Soap reservoir with vacuum metering, always delivers a consistent soap mixture
Rubberized soap fill cap, attached so you never lose it
Safe For All Car Finishes
Also good for cleaning Motorcycles, RV’s, boats, Windows, siding, and lawn furniture

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