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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free Eye Liner!

I have been dying to try gel liner! And now I can...free! Smashbox has a FREE gift with every order from 9am-2pm PST, every Tuesday and Thursday! Todaythey have a FREE Jet Set in Charcoal ($22 Value)!
THEN sign up to be a Pretty Points member. A FREE Smashbox Rewards program and your purchases will earn you points for FREE rewards certificates,AND a FREE gift set during the month of your birthday, AND a bonus deluxe sample with every order.

OH did I mention FREE shipping!

They have items priced as low as $10 ( Wicked lovely lip gloss set ).
**Do NOT pay through Paypal– you will not be offered FREE samples if you do

I got a lipgloss, mascara sample, lipgloss sample AND eyeliner for $10....SHIPPED

If you don't need this much make up this makes great gifts!!!!

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