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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bday Obsessed

My birthday is less than a month away and I am so excited! We usually take a long weekend and go on a mini vacation. Well, this year is a milestone bday for me, and my husband has decided he would like to plan the whole thing and surprise me...which is super sweet but I am horrible at being surprised! So I decided I would put all my control freakness into this post and give you all my favorite travel tip sites! These sites are GREAT! Whether you are going far or close to home. Please share any of your favorites in the comment section!

1. Travel Zoo. I am ob.sessed. with this site. They have a top 20 deals list every Wednesday and I will check on the hour all morning until they post....and I am not even planning a trip! I once scored a $300 a night hotel in Savannah for $80 a night thanks to this site. And yes, it was insanely amazing...but not worth 3 months of groceries :)

2. Fly.com This is a site from Travel Zoo, this is a great place to go for flight deals!

3. Kayak.com this site has great deals, especially on hotels!

4. Bookit.com My Mom found this one! This is a GREAT one for when you need a hotel and flight, they have wonderful package deals!

5. My last travel site is actually a tip. Whenever you book a flight or hotel always check the airline and hotels website. Sometimes you will actually find a better deal! Also if you travel often you can sign up for rewards at your hotel and start collecting points...you will be surprised at how fast they add up!

And a bonus tip. If you are south eastern mountain bound...look at this great site and rent a sweet little cabin! Think of all the privacy and quiet time...

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